Monday, 16 April 2018

Filed under heavy reporting restrictions

Whilst the sun was only out briefly yesterday the world looked a slightly greener and better place. And the forecast rain never came to spoil the party.

I put a couple of big pellets down the edge and began to feed a line just past the ledge, hemp and maggot would be my line of attack. Quick results from a trio of perch that head thumped deep down way above their station.   A few more would come my way, though none would have made 4 oz. Not as many skimmers or hybrids today and as I was not being really selective a lot of smaller roach on the drop.  Did really test the Greys 15 footer with a foulhooked  double figure pike that kept insisting on getting airborne and frightening the bejusus out of the mallards. The hook hold went in the end. The rod does have some grunt that is  for sure.

No long after one of the members left after a mardle I knew I'd hit pay dirt as soon as I saw the flash of red and a thick body sliding towards the slightly bigger net this time. It would have filled the teaspoon one to be sure.  An absolute belter of a roach that took the zeroed Flyweight MK 2's  round to 1lb 10oz 8 drms. To say I was chuffed would be an understatement.

The fish is the star to be sure

The pellet rods did have  the odd flicker so it's a few evenings with  a bucket of splodge on the way home from work to see if the bin lids fancy a regular nosh. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tinca tinca

Had a guided day on some local spots today. Like most places today I would imagine grey damp and  a pesky northerly. Interesting perspectives and insights into the goings on of the various Norfok Mafia. Much discussion on bubbles and what might cause them.

I had one positive bite and converted it despite my guide saying too early..... lovely plod round in the deep margins on my Tench Float 13 footer.

Looks bigger on the mat. A big high back. First tinca of 2018.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Just deserts

Weather foul again. Did have  quick look at the river on Saturday, quite low but still carrying  a lot of colour. Celandines look lovely.

Put some graft in on Sunday morning, paying my dues as it were. Good to be with a sensible group of blokes. Wished them well with their day, conditions looking spot on despite the mizzle. By the time I got to my chosen stillwater  the umbrella was still required but only really to shelter my stuff. and myself a bit. Virtually no wind so little tow. When  the float moved it was a bite.... I have developed  a very stupid habit of throwing my little and often ground bait in overhand and not very well. Must sort that out. Brolly didn't help and in the end I just covered my gear up and put up with getting wet.

Despite my erratic feeding had a really good afternoon/early evening. A lot of smaller roach and just a bit bigger skimmers and hybrids on double maggot and enough dog roach to keep me concentrating.  I love the almost imperceptible burying of the float the bigger ones seem to give on here, and waiting for that thump on the strike 

This one really made my trip. Straight away it felt better, and once I saw that red flash I knew I had to get it in. A bit of  a warrior and big in the beam. A very solid 1lb 3oz.

I had a flutter when one stayed very deep, more power than thump so was sure it wasn't  a big roach or hybrid. Let down by the small net, it was a reasonable pike that must have snaffled the small roach as it took the maggot, it spat out the mangled roach as I tried to get it into the teaspoon sized thing.

To damp and cold to stay into dusk, will come back for that and target the bigger fish on the drop off with a pole and more accurate feeding. 

Mostly jays,  buzzards and a yaffle or two today. There were lots of dead and mangled frogs round the pond.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Down the edge

Very brief foray last night. Well, I had to with temps edging up to 15C earlier and no rain. It wasn't peaceful by the road, and not really productive but I was out of the house and on the bank. Drizzled in some fengureek and ginger chick peas and some krill coated  Bacon Grill for next time. 

Down the edge. They like it there.

 A 38 tonner has the dam shaking.

Need  a light source time as the gate and padlock are buggers in the gloom. Can stay a bit longer into dusk if I know I can get out of the place. And some neutral colour float rubbers as the small stuff kept knocking the float down as they investigated the red rubber. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Quick trip to the Pond on Monday. Standard hemp, corn and worm.  Hardly any bubbling and only a few tell tale puffs of silt but they were single fish and way out. A rudd and some tiny skimmers  slipped up. The levels are really low. My Polaroids are now nestling in about  4 foot of silt.

Quite a few frogs making their jerky breast stroke way across the pond. Those close in were having  a bit of bother from the pike.

Some smaller fish being chased close by my lofty perch above the receding water. Not by Pike I think.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Out on Cart Gap on Sunday with the tribe. Tide up so limited fossicking but one of the Little'uns found this visitor from far flung climes, the Med and South Atlantic the interweb tells me.

A geologist transported from pre interweb days would have a field day with all the erratics lining the sea defences here. I think a lot are quarried and bought from the Baltic coasts. On large barges this time round, not  delivered on the vast glaciers that foundered on our Norfolk shore. Always nice to catch them wet and with sunlight on them.

As well as the quarry markings there are often marvels contained within.

Further deposits caught our eye and those of others. Nasty mucky stuff and unless you are an avid label reader and shunner of processed foods the chances are you'll be eating or drinking some of this most days.

Apparently some people live as much if their lives as possible as mermaids ( the interweb tells me) , one of them has possibly met  a sticky end (perhaps snared in palm oil)? 

There must be sound logic behind deciding which coastal communities and habitats to protect or create, and which to let drown. We have a lot of drowned communities and land out on the Edge. Here at least the tides are held back for now.

That's quite enough of this old schist for now.