Sunday, 10 December 2017

Further last knockings.

Out and about in the Bureboy Charabanc this morning and it was cold, wet and horrible. The early frost had been washed away and the nearest we got to snow was some  lethargic half arsed sleet. Some very bedraggled pikers in a boat on Rollesby, you can't hide from the rain unless you have  a cuddy and that is not advisable on  a wide open broad. Bank high at the constricting Potter Heigham bridge over the Thurne and even on higher on the Ant at Wayford. Not one of those perched  on their platforms in Richardsons looked as if they were really enjoying it. A lot of work for a few bits. Wonder who took the coin?

I'd  said I would have  ago if it held off and by 3 was in the car park of the vaguely blue lagoon with the intention of fishing as near to the car as I could.  Shielded by the trees it was ok and on a quick walk round it even looked good for a last knockings roach. 

However I'd only put two pike rods in so  a bluey was halved and allowed to continue it's slow decomposition. A few hard bits as the light leads touched down.  You can see by the noddy train (again) that I'd not strayed far from the river. No chance of a repeat capture of my new friend, still  awaitng a name from the Essex Scribbler at least today. 

True to recent form as the church clock struck four (3 minutes late as usual) the last rod, a net, a mat and forceps were the only things not back in the car when the ticking of the baitrunner indicated the bluey tail had not only been resurrected but had decided to move off towards the reed fringe. Unfortunately after a few thumps the half bluey was flying back towards me. Saved getting the unhooking gear wet I suppose.

Last knockings, last cast....

Very cold but no snow. However, a thick hardening of the surface of the field and path and  frost holding sway in dips and hollows. It also highlighted several entry/exit slides.

The sheltered very local water had a 85% lid  but the barely blue lagoon was ice free.The river was back on it's bones, clear and with medium flow. No day for chub  so pike it would be. That weather was going somewhere.

Started further down the stretch but the blueys weren't provoking much interest and mine was began to wane. Kingfisher, buzzard, magpie, yaffle  and dabchicks enough to make me persist. A brief double dip of the upstream float came to nought so no value added action for the noddy train passengers. Double bubble on the locos though.

Wind in for  a wonder and prospecting for future trips. Need to give the free stretch a go.

I urged myself to make one last move. The downstream bait dropped into a slightly deeper hole and the float remained subsurface. In no time the tip began to nod and a decent fish tried to get into the tree roots and then across to the far bank. A couple of teetering on the lip of the net cord moments then into the onion bag and a difficult haul up the step bank onto the mat. Hooks out in a trice and  a look along the flanks and a  familiar wound pattern and it was the fish from last trip, a bit plumper in the belly so it might of had a feed. Couple of mat shots  and I was on my way back to the car, wet net and mat stiffening in the frost.  Think I'll definitely drop down the stretch into the free section to give this one a rest. Name please Wak.

 Shame about Chelsea.....not. Col U managed not to let  a 3-1 lead slip  for a change.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Tall (New) Order

Off to The Waterfont last night to catch Peter Hook and the Light pound through nearly 2 hours of New Order stuff then a cracking Joy division set. Very surprised to find a long queue snaking up the road. It s a smallish venue and it was packed to the rafters. New Orders longevity  meant the demographic stretched a bit but by god there were  a lot of tall buggers there. Some mean old feckers too. Like long stay carpers or pikers but tidier. The crowd thinned for the Joiy Division sessior but wer  more enthusuastic.

Adam Ant made a din here with his double drummer attack and Hooky had bought a fellow bassist along to create  a deeper attack. The New Order stuff was as good as you'd expect but made better with that more direct approach. I don't readily recognise their stuff by name but things like State of the Nation, Procession never ceased to amaze me when played on day time radio back then and were  corkers last night.

"How does it feel, when you treat me like an eel? Tie me to the back of a bike and ride down a steep big hill. Release me in a fast flowing stream, and say I swam off alright.." Typical Alresford malarkey there.

The keyboard players always remind me of someone who is in the band cos their dad has got a van.

3 pints and the last train home. Not a bad night.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Shallow Hal

I only had a scant hour so popped onto the very local water. Very clear, and very shallow. So shallow if I had popped up a whole bluey it would be breaking the surface. Nothing doing in three spots.  Never mind.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Slacking off

The recent snow and rain has put some water through the mills, and some speed on the current. I figured the debris would be catching on the line at every knot and swivel meaning frequent casts so left the stink paste and bread at home and stuck everything on the pike shaped horse.

Everything down the near bank today, given the boily flow and shit coming down decided against wafters and nailed the half herrings to the deck under a float tips well up. Think the herrings  were Essex Scribbler's boat fresh individually wrapped ones from last year. All tail ends too.

Lost a fish in the first spot to the downstream bait after it had been on a little while, fairly decent too. Next swim down and I realised I'd set the bait runners a bit tighter than usual to combat the flow when the downstreamer did a big barbel 3 foot twitch and the alarm went into single tone melt down. This one definitely bigger and going flank on against the main push. Eventually got it over the spreader, just one treble in so quickly unhooked and on the Fly Weights. A nice solid 14.06. A bit scuffed at the rears, Tarka had fancied it for a snack and discard at some point recently. Read this week that the Wild Otter Trust have realised that there has been no proper thought about what river catchments could be best placed to handle otter dispersal. Too late. Found two well used slides within a 100 yards of each other.

Nice to have a gallery sometimes. The noddy train timed it just right.

Not long to to the equinox. A brief but glorious sun downer. Not cold enough  to need gloves but only just.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Plastic ladyland

The other day I noticed several bottles festooning the A10 shrubbage. Deliberately hung on closer inspection. I did notice a rogue CD and suspect some of the witches knickers plastic bags may also have been placed, not blown there.  What dark and dastardly deeds do they hint at?

Work will be taking me as far as Littleport so expect more sightings. And perhaps a few raids on the boatyards and marinas for  a zed or two.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Friday night and the....

Friday night and  the.feelingis right" "Ok Wigfield. That was a banger. But releasing the same tune re badged as "Saturday night and the feeling is right" used up all your ditzy appeal.

So, Friday night having it large in the Hanseatic port of King's Lynn on the Great Ouse. Or for most of the day and night the Great Ooze. Many, many straight, featureless miles upstream before it becomes big perch water.

I've always wanted a crack at Palm Paper with one of those magical sunsets but access is tricky. Friday's sky wasn't that spectacular but I snuck down and had a go. That's the A47 spanning the Great Ouse which runs from Birmingham to Yarmouth and lots of that is single carriageway. Norfolk is like the Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave.  Second only to the now divided Yorkshire in terms of land mass but not quite as bumpy as Ooop North. We hit the dizzy heights of 103 feet above sea level so eeh by gum you need oxygen up Beacon Hill. Most of Two Terriers  country which this is, is probably almost below sea level so a stand of maize assumes forest proportions relatively speaking.

Back to the sumptuous Hovelodge to begun the gentle pre-load with a bottle of Abbott and Come Dine with Me on the box

Into town on the part lash ( I am old and with work colleagues so  needed to rein it in a bit). This sobered me up before I even started so I needed some more neck oil to pull myself together. Shameful. End of. No time for bigots. Feck that "of it's time" mularkey.

Now this chap is  playing mere lip service to that extendable feast for commerce when they palm off all the shite they can't shift on the great unwashed.

Fullers Quay all lit up like  Christmas Tree

Nice coffee (Grey Seal) at Glandford on Saturday moning in the way home. And their artisan container office..

The Glandford roasted coffe was served in the Art Cafe, whch is a mine of comedy gold, from the anally repressed clientelle to the hapless trust fund teenager staff. I wish someone would change Word to English UK setting and proof the copy. Flavor my arse.